Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Walk With A Friend

Mixed emotions as they say, happy but sad. Always heard this to some conversation and felt this when my close friend for nearly 15 years decided to file resignation and ended her 18 years of tenure in DSI (sister company of BT&T), I was in DSI for 10 years and during that years we became close friends. I remember the days when we walk all the way from White Plains to Greenmeadows and through Libis area. We always walk in the afternoon as this way is a shortcut road to our terminal area, we laughed, eat barbeque or anything, blurted out sad and tearful moments, shared funny and happy times and talked about everything under the sun (if it’s not raining lol!). We also used to go to market after this walking, the vendors used to call us sisters as we always go there together. This stopped when my boss transferred me to his other company-BT&T. But when she managed the construction of the twin building of our office we see each other everyday again and that made us happy. Today she emailed her resignation letter and informed our boss that she’s leaving country to be with her husband who’s currently working in Eastimor. I’m a little sad that I’ll not be seeing her everyday now but extremely glad that she has finally got the courage to decide to be with Jhun which I think would make her more happy. I would surely miss her!


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