Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reminiscing EDSA 1

It's a holiday today as the country commemorates EDSA 1 & 2 Revolution, a very historical event in the life of the Filipinos and been celebrated for over two decades now as I remember the EDSA 1 happened when I was still in college 22 years ago, that's really a history. I still remember those days when people from all walks of life marched to the corner of Ortigas Avenue and EDSA where the EDSA shrine is now located it also extended to Katipunan Avenue near Corinthians and White Plains.
As we were teens then we wanted to explore and see everything that's happening but our parents warned us not to go there as it we heard there were many soldiers and no one knew what will happen. That day Filipinos showed their unity and love for country. This also paved the way for a remarkable change of scenery and life in my school PUP which was known to be an activist school. Management was replaced by the good old school president and PUP began to have good changes with the security of students enhanced and the spirit of the whole university uplifted. I was relieved not to see again the very frequent rallies and barricade in our school. Peace finally landed my school.


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