Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2nd Fellowship Day at the Camp

We’ve started the day with an early prayer at 5:00am and get ourselves ready for breakfast to have an early fellowship at 8:30am. We’re around 80 persons so preparation is quite a handful but we’ve delegated responsibilities to each and every group for a smooth scheduling of activities. My kids really love this place in Tagaytay and made the most in enjoying the cool weather and peaceful surroundings. My youngest kid
asked me if we can stay for another 3 days lol! He really liked it there! Testimonies were touching and most were coupled with offered songs. I was particularly touched by testimony of Sis. Sarah (the eldest daughter of Pastor) she was backslide for a time but now back again in the presence of the Lord. All six of them offered a song (wife and daughters of Pastor).

Choirs were presented starting from the kids ranging from 2 years old up to 10 years old, followed by the youth and finished with the wife of the deacons including me of course. Messages were carefully prayed and deliberated which brought reflections and feeling of fulfillment.
The day ended with the prayer of oil. The oil that we used to pray for sickness. The oil was personally prepared by us. We then had our afternoon snack which turned out to be a light dinner as it’s already dark outside. We packed our things and made sure that everything is in order and right places, the place immaculately clean as ever.


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