Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ruth's Farewell Party

It's the last day of school last March 28 and as PTA officer for the Grade 4 class section one Jannet and I agreed to allot the remaining funds to buy gifts for the top ten students of the class. Each honor's mommy was asked to cook something for the whole class food as blowout, Ruth wasn't in the list this year, she didn't made it this time breaking her records since she was in preparatory school. She's a consistent honor student from nursery, kinder,prep, grade one and two, she missed the top 5 in grade three but still included in the top ten roll. It's ok because her grades is still good enough. I don't want to put pressure on their studies, I just wanted them to be good in school. She's a quiet type of person and that affected her standing because teachers wanted a students that voluntarily answers and accepts responsibilities especially in the school program. One mother of the upper grade students told her to be active because intelligence is not enough to qualify students must be competitive in all aspects - recitations and participation in school activities. Oh well as long as my kids has good grades and happy I'm happy too! Anyway in their farewell party she was given the Most Polite award, five awards were given on that day, and she's just happy that she got that appreciation award. They had games, dancing, singing and of course a lot of eating lol!


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