Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1 Walk

I came home from office a bit later than usual and I’ve noticed that Ortigas Avenue was full of people taking the yearly walk from all places to Antipolo. The stores suddenly stayed opened for 24 hours because the walkers bought food and water in stores that they passed through, great income for food stores. It has been a practice ever since to take an offered walk on the eve of May1, I even did it many times when I was younger with my friends and cousins, not minding the tiredness just happy walking with them and enjoying the moment. I’ve always liked and enjoyed walking so it’s not so much of an effort to lengthen the miles. In truth it’s really a long mile walk, if you’re going to do it you must equip yourself with a comfortable cotton clothes, good walking rubber shoes, light food for snack, plenty of water and stamina. It’s been years since I last did that walk and will not do it anymore because that walk is heading to Antipolo church.


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