Monday, April 28, 2008

Ready For Swimming

My kids were asking me since Saturday if we could drop by the mall to buy their swimming things for our church' outing on Thursday, May 1. It's a national holiday, actually a labor day so we don't have work on that day. My kids were so happy and excited since the outing was discussed a month ago! My eldest who's already 10 years old had her things and clothes ready since last week, not so excited huh! Anyway it's just an ordinary swimming in Barangay Pansol in Calamba, Laguna and we're always there at least thrice a year but since it's summer and everyone was raving about swimming and resorts it's getting more exciting for the children, they will tell it to their friends.

We left the church before 8pm and because Ever was still open they made their daddy turn the car and park it there. I heard them giggling and saying that 'Yehey it's still open'. We hurriedly went for Twiddledee and choose from among the store's various swimming gears, I picked a kiddie life vest for Josh and some gears for my girls. I was busy with my chosen things for the swimming that when I paid for them and went outside I didn't noticed that Josh was crying. He was disappointed that store closed suddenly after we went out and he wanted me to buy him a robot. I just promised that we'll buy some other time and bought him his favorite chocomilk powder and some other food he love to make him stop. He stopped afterawhile but his face was serious, oh poor kid he must have liked that robot very much!


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