Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Friend Jia

I had a long chat with Jia, a former officemate and sister of Kuya James (my adopted brother in DSI). She's been working in Italy for the past years and now married to a kind Italian. They were blessed with one beautiful little angel and having a quiet and peaceful life there. I just happened to see her online and said hello and that started a very nice conversation. We shared stories of our lives, work, career and family. She was inspired to read blogs and commented on some of my posts. I suggested her to read some of my inspirational posts and she was very excited to meet new friends. She would appreciate if you visit her at Blessed Jia blog. (Picture showing Jia's husband (left), Jia and Ms. Bea (right), my boss' daughter


Anonymous ,  May 7, 2008 at 5:14 AM  

thats so nice sis...good for her to met a good Italian man. pero sabi d ba d daw T ang mga lalaki doon? hehehhe... shhh.. sabi sa PBB kasi. lol. anyhow i got a tag for you. check this link ok http://www.jazanotherday.com/2008/05/mummy-meme.html

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