Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Productive Leave

I'm on leave today because of some stomach upset due to colds yesterday; I had a hard time getting a ride, spent 30 minutes each on my two rides going home, just had one of those days. I just checked my emails and assignment deadline before giving myself a rest yesterday night. I woke up feeling slight uncertain upset in my stomach; actually since I was in high school I was really prone to the smell of the soil before the raindrops. It keeps my stomach boiling but now I only have slight pain.

Anyway as I'm on my sheltered home I feel good before noon and because it's late already to prepare my things I decided to make my leave a whole day, so I found the time to do my pending assignments, good for me as I've been thinking about when can I finish it. I usually do it a night; I'm a night blogger you know! But now I'm glad that I can sleep earlier, pretty good isn't it!


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