Monday, July 28, 2008

The Price of Modernization

The rehabilitation of our road triggered different emotions in my town mates as it would affect their life – their houses and source of income. Some were hysterical and can’t control their frustrations and anger with the resolved General Appropriations Act given by Malacañang but the fact is ‘we don’t have any choice’. Government will not pay a single cent to the affected land areas as they say the 4-5 meters setback was written in our land title, they will only pay for the square meters that will exceed the mentioned setback. At the end of the meeting my town mates realized that they need to follow with much sorrow in their hearts. With the present economic crisis that our country is facing now this is a follow up blow on my neighbors.

Even if our house was not affected because my father had planned the widening generations ago when he renovated the old house I felt the worries and sadness of my town mates which includes a lot of my cousins, aunties and close relatives. Our ancestors are the original residents here and it’s sad to think that some of our neighbors would be losing their sari-sari store and commercial rent business. It was just a consolation that our mayor made DPWH promised that they will restore or reconstruct all that will be affected.

But that will not solve the future problem of lost monthly income and habitation. Is this the price of modernization?


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