Thursday, September 25, 2008

Waste Of Time On The Road

This whole week the pattern of having heavy rains is always on the late afternoon up to evening. It’s like the rains are waiting for us employees to leave our offices so they can pour their wrath on us lol! But seriously it’s very tiring that every after office time public vehicles are full and streets are in traffic jam causing some workers to walk just to save time. As my boss suddenly arrived here in the office I stayed awhile before leaving. Actually I left after he bid goodbye. I was surprised to see lots of people on the building front waiting for taxis and jeepers. Heavy rains have caused floods in many areas thus vehicles are few. Some stranded employees walked to the nearest possible station where they can ride.

We were lucky that one vehicle suddenly changed his route and turn around giving us enough space to accommodate us all. Traffic jam followed and never ending sighs! Why? Because travel was like a journey to the 7th mountain lol! It was extremely slow, it took me more than 2 hours to get home, lucky I have my warm buddy with me (my jacket) because I was in an aircon bus which was the easiest available means of transportation on places with floods. I almost slept to boredom and I can’t write because the light was not so clear, I just sent messages to everyone that I got stucked in the road. Glad that I brought some snack with me!


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