Friday, October 10, 2008

Ruth Is Sick!

I woke up at dawn hearing Ruth’s silent murmur and I thought I was only dreaming. As all my kids sleeps beside me I can easily check what’s troubling them at night. I was surprised when I touched her because she’s so hot and she’s having a dream calling my name. I wake her up and asked what she wants me to do. This daughter of mine has a very strong resistance to sickness compared to her other siblings. She seldom gets sick but when she does you should really ask her about it because she has a tendency not to speak much about it.

I cooked her requested oatmeal immediately and served her a plate of rice with ham and egg. She still eats even when she’s feeling bad and I feel happy about it. Since I can’t take a day off my work because I’m going to finalize and check the payroll I set everything she needs and turned over to my mother her medicine, bought all her requested food and kissed her. She’s a big girl now so she’s ok as long as her granny is with her. Mom massaged her and let her take some rest and sleep the whole morning, I just keep on sending them text messages and just now I called her. She’s feeling a lot better now, thanks to God!


Ciela October 10, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

Mom's seem to carry the whole world when one of her child gets sick.
I'm glad your Ruth is well now.

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