Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crisna and Lawrence Wedding

Lawrence and Crisna

This is a late post of my niece’ wedding last Dec. 30, 2008. Guess was too busy with the holiday season that it was only now that I found the time to blog this.

Crisna was the eldest daughter of my first cousin Kuya Audy. His mother, sister of my father died after she gave birth to Kuya Audy and my dad and auntie who were both single then took care of my cousin and grew up with us. He’s like a big brother to us especially when my dad suffered stroke when I was in my secondary school. When he got married he built his house inside the clan’s compound making his wife and kids got closer to us.

Kuya Audy and wife Ate Lolet
It’s his first time to see a child of his own get married so I know he’s a bit nervous and even if no one would drive us to the overlooking reception site we made it a point to attend the reception prepared for Crisna and Lawrence. We just hired a taxi going there and though it took us three cabs one driver finally agreed to drive us to Marabella Palace Resort.

It was a cozy and nice resort with wonderful overlooking view of the towns beside Antipolo and metropolis. My kids enjoyed the site and made me took photos of them. I had fun also having some shots of the sky especially when the sun sets down. The wedding turned to a reunion also as we came to see our cousin Adette who also grew up with us and Kuya Audy as she’s the daughter of my Auntie who took care of Kuya Audy. We lost communication for some years now and she’s amazed at how fast my kids grow up. Of course she found Josh very nice and bibo kid also!


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