Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perfect Foods for Weight Watchers

After I’ve cooked a 6-kilo pork hamonado recipe for our weekend church service DH told me that it’s delicious and perfect in his taste. I got a ‘wow’ from my family too so to pay them back for praising my menu I promised them a repeat performance today so they can feast on it. Actually it’s a simple recipe only but you have to be cautious of the blending of taste. From my ingredients of pineapple, brown sugar and cheese you’ll know that it’s a combination of salty, sweet and sour. Well the final taste of pork hamonado is really good though the rolled one is much better.

Anyway with this viand it’s hard to stick on your diet meal plan as it contains sugar and cheese plus the fact that it’s pork. If I’ll do it often I guess I will be searching for the most effective weight loss pills because I’ll surely be gaining pounds from eating this kind of food. Now I have a resolution that after this day I’ll have my own meal for a week and I’ll stick to veggies and fruits just like the past month. I’ve proven these foods to be the perfect meals for weight loss. I’ll do it not only to be slimmer but to be healthy as well. I know I’m not getting younger and I should really watch what I eat to prevent being overweight and to avoid getting sick.


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