Saturday, July 24, 2010

Promising Skills in IT

DH and I were asking our eldest what she’ll want to take up when she finished high school. She told us that right now she didn’t know exactly what she wants to do. DH asked her if she want to take HRM because she’s started cooking even before she was 12 and DH saw in the school that those taking HRM are always cooking something and they would be on training in Singapore.

Anyway it’s still early to surmise what would be good for Ruth but actually I’m beginning to see her inclinations in the field of computers something like a job in IT solutions because she’s very good in handling software without much supervision. I‘ve noticed her promising talent when she was 5 and she’s very interested also. The second daughter who is so much like me wanted to take Computer Engineering also so I think we’ll have two aspiring computer experts here. Well my youngest little boy is very adamant when you asked him what he wants. He will be an Architect someday he told me and then he’ll show me all his drawings of house plans.


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