Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Used to Working Again

We’ve arranged my work room to accommodate incoming staff for accounting. My desk is too wide but we managed to put in one corner so one small table can be arranged on the other side. I’m having the desktop checked so I can use it instead of the custom laptops because I’m more comfortable working on desktop when it comes to office works maybe because I’m using laptop when I work on my blogs and I need a different working environment. 

Oh well it makes no difference what computer I’ll be using as I’m not really keen on working all day in front of PC. On other times I want to concentrate on working on the papers manually and I also have to make some phone calls. I’m glad that I’m getting used to working on corporate office again because on my first days of returning I feel so tired after a day’s work. Now I’m beginning to get used to travel in the morning and early evening. Anyway I’m still working part-time now and still thinking if I will decide on making it full time.


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