Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Advice and Approval

When my daughters were still kids they would run to me and ask me what they would wear on this and that occasion. Whatever I choose they would wear because they know that I know what looks best on them although early in her childhood my younger daughter have preferences already. Now that they’ve entered high school they know what they want and just asked me for advice and comments if their likes are also nice for me. Some of their classmates don’t ask for their parent’s approval when they buy their things like shirts, skirts, jeans, hip hop clothes and others because they don’t want to be disapproved.

When I want to shop for their clothes I see to it that they’re with me so they can choose for their own and I can just approve it. They still want me to approve their choices because they know that they could also be wrong sometimes. Still I respect their decision if they will still want to buy even if I don’t approve. Age differences sometimes made my decision different from their point of view so I also try to balance things. I want to understand them better and be a good adviser when they want someone to ask for things that they’re not sure about. I wouldn’t want them to look for other advice because I wasn’t able to give it. I hope that through the coming years they will continue asking my opinion on the things they want to buy, on matters they need to decide and on all other things that they need assurance and approval.


brady August 1, 2011 at 2:39 PM  

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