Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reliable Laser Alignment

I’ve never been employed in Industrial Corporation but I have learned some facts about it from my friend who have worked in industrial and manufacturing company several years back. She’s an Industrial Engineer and though she’s not directly involved in machines and equipment she’s very familiar with the staff who works on the maintenance department. There are several things to consider and remember when you have big machines to maintain, repair and take care of. It should be on its optimum working condition so it will work according to needed output result. Machinery reliability requires precision shaft alignment according to my friend and it will save much on the company’s operation cost. It reduces bearing and damage on the seal thus minimizing loss of energy and decreases production downtime.

Aligning shafts should also be done in the least period possible to save on downtime cost and with this it’s highly recommended to use the most popular and economical method of aligning which is the laser alignment from VibrAilgn  as it not only offers greater accuracy but cost savings as well. They offer true position sensing with the use of movable machine and stationary machine laser detectors. Not all laser systems are the same. They also differ in the quality of their work so we must choose a system that is lightweight, compact but rugged and waterproof. When you have the best alignment you can benefit from it with increased reliability, reduced downtime, time savings, lower electricity and fewer repair costs.


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