Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Think, Pray and Act

Most of the times we keep on wondering why our life is sometimes a mess.  We didn't want look back on our past actions and decisions to see how our life turned from being good to bad.  It's just natural for some people to point their fingers to others for the things that ruined their life because they don't want to blame themselves.

Well if you really want to make your life better start thinking or planning ahead before you do something.  If your plans will involve your family and close friends you can also seek their advice on it.  Don't act without thinking because that kind of behavior can bring you to wrong decisions in life and you may regret it the rest of your life.

It's just the same as thinking without acting because planning is really a must and careful thinking should be done but it also needs action on your part. Thinking alone won't bring you to successful turn events in your life.  One must think and act in order to resolve disputes and problems and to prevent further complications in life.  Then when you come to a decision you must pray for His guidance.


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