Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Party Hat

Last month we had our costume party for our company Christmas celebration and I’ve chosen a cowgirl costume for myself as I didn’t have time to ask my friend to sew me a Red Riding Hood costume. I know that making that costume would cost too much time and money so I turned on the other costume. It was rather easy for me to get and prepare the costume because my sister had it already on their last year’s party. 

The costume clothes were ready before the needed accessories so I just bought a nice leather brown sandals and search for a cowgirl hat that would make me look like one. When I went to the nearest mall to our house I immediately found a nice hat which looks like Western Hats to me but I bought just the same. When my daughter saw what I bought she immediately love the hat and whispered that after the costume party she’ll take the hat. Actually before the party ends it’s her who is wearing the cowgirl hat because she likes it.


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