Monday, August 1, 2016

Bean-Bag Couch For Long Dreamy Sleep

This is such a lovely thing for those who want to sleep for long hours. I remember myself working for three days with only one or two hours break each night and I mumbled to myself that I have a chance to have a vacation I would sleep for as long as I want. Well those are words coming from a tired employee doing bidding and technical proposal for days to submit proposals in due time. We’re always working on tight deadlines and often we stay in the office for 3 consecutive days. 

Well this bean-bag couch will surely be a welcome furniture after working so hard. It’s built in pillow and blanket will keep you wanting to curl up for long maybe even for days lol! This is really cool and will definitely warm you up while you’re in your dreamland. So happy resting and dreaming now. Nice addition to your home furniture.


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