Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Three Gift Ideas for a Friend Who Just Had a Baby

Steelers Baby Boy Onesie, Bib & Cap Set

If you have a friend who just had a baby, you probably want to get her a gift. There are many traditional gifts you can give a mom and a new baby. Look at three gift ideas that are alternatives to traditional gifts for new moms.

A Piece of Artwork for the Nursery

Your friend has likely told you about the colors of her baby’s nursery as well as some of the furnishings she’s picked out. Maybe you’ve even had a tour! Think about getting a piece of artwork for the baby’s nursery. It could be a framed photo of you and the baby’s mom that your friend will love. Or, go with a print of a famous character from a fairy tale. Make sure the colors of your print go with what your friend has in her baby’s nursery, so it will flow with the d├ęcor.

A Fun Gift Related to an Interest of the Mom

Maybe your friend is a fan of sports. Perhaps she likes a particular professional football team. If so, get her an item for the new baby that reflects her love for her team. An example would be a steelers bucket hat. Every time she puts the gift on her baby, she will remember you and your kindness toward her at the birth of her child.

A Meaningful Storybook

Most moms want to spend some time reading to their baby. Why not give your friend a classic storybook or picture book featuring a famous character? If your friend likes the story herself, she’s going to love the idea of reading it to her baby. If you go with this gift, be sure to write a message inside the cover to let your friend know how you feel about your friendship with her.

Finally, giving some thought to what you’ll give your friend allows you to get a gift she will love. After her baby grows out of the gift, it will become a beloved keepsake.


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