Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Get Together At Villa Rubi Rosa

Had some fun last week as we gathered together and traveled to Laguna to spent the day on one of the resorts there. This time we chose Villa Rubi Rosa in Brgy. Pansol in Calamba, Laguna. We always hire private pool resort because we don't want strangers swimming with us :-) Anyway we're a big group so it's really advisable to hire one resort just for us.

Everyone had fun, the elders and the kids alike. I stayed in the kitchen in the morning and after we cooked everything - beef mechado and tilapia we (fellow cooks) dived in the pool after lunch. Josh was so happy having me with him on the other pool because he just stayed in the kids' pool in the morning. The adults acted like kids as they played volleyball, badminton and many other games in the pool.

All kids never seem to get enough of the water, they just appear whenever they're hungry and then they'll go back again in the pool. Josh was the perfect example as you can see in the picture that his eyes are reddish due to prolonged stay in the water. He also learned how to dive this time the reason why he told me when we got home that it's the best swimming he ever had. Funny! He always says that to me when he's happy!


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