Thursday, October 1, 2015

Creative Home Decors - Ballerina Silhouttes

Need some home decor tips for your home?  This ballerina silhouttes will certainly make a good one especially if you attach some nice paper snowflakes around its waist.  Sometimes we need some unique decor to balance the formal and stiff decors in our homes.  This ballerinas showed how nice to have a contrast with colors of the dark room making your elegant but formal decoration a little bit light and stylish.  These are perfect additions in your interiors especially in your bedrooms.

Oftentimes we really need to use our creative minds to uncover the designer side in us.  My teacher Mom knows a lot about using paper in making creative decors in school and as a child then I was really amazed when she starts working with her paper and scissors coming up with beautiful creations in the end.  I guess all teachers are like her with thinking creative thoughts and they should be because kids see them as super individuals.


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