Friday, September 16, 2011

Learning and Gaining Skills in Electronics

After more than a year in Electronics course DH can now troubleshoot, repair and maintain computers and other electronic appliances and next semester he’ll be in his on the job training. Time flies so fast I still remember when I tried so hard to quit his job and return to schooling so he can have a much better job in the years to come. It took him months to decide and I was so happy when he asked me to accompany him when he takes his entrance examination in the university of his choice. He was offered by his sister a scholarship so he would not work while studying. She wanted him to concentrate on his studies and to regain his healthy physical condition. He has developed fatigue and difficulty in breathing in his last months of work and we all wanted him to rest to recover fast.

Now he’s enjoying his studies and he has enough time for me and our kids. He has shown dedication in all his subjects and receiving exemplary remarks and grades from his professors. He was able to apply also what he learned from school to our home appliances and computers in the house. Be it gaming desktop computers, business or school computers, television, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets he can now assess the trouble and repair. He’s now looking forward to his job training where he can apply all his acquired knowledge and skills. I’m excited for him also.


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