Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You A Cup or A Dipper?

Did you know your purpose in living? Sometimes we tend to like what others wanted in life not realizing that each and every one of us has our own capabilities and interests and some things can’t be applied on same individuals. We should take our time to think not what people demand on us but what really is our capacity and potential as a person. A friend told me about the cup and the dipper. These are common utensils in our house but if we use them as type and shadow of purposes in life you’ll find some lessons that will change some of your views.

The Cup wants to do what Dipper is doing and vice versa. The Cup didn’t realized that his purpose is to hold what people are drinking and his capacity is special as he has the privilege of holding drinks that would quench the thirst of humans.

The Dipper envy the Cup but he also didn’t realized that his purpose to hold larger volume of water to bathe and cleanse people and things. He has larger capacity but they can’t be compared with each other. They’re both special and useful in the eyes of God. Each person was given different talents, skills and intelligence but in the eyes and heart of God He love them all. So are you a Cup or a Dipper? Whatever you are, you’re special!


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