Monday, October 4, 2010

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

My cousin is looking and searching through different styles of wedding rings. He’s not decided yet where to buy their wedding rings though her sister recommended a good place to buy in Manila. Since they’re in the province now he’s looking at the possibility of having it online for convenient searching and buying. Anyway it’s still early so they have ample time to do that. I don’t know how much are they going to spend on their wedding rings but one of his relative is looking at the possibility of buying wholesale loose diamonds because they seem so much cheaper than the retail ones. Wedding preparations are really stressful especially when you think of all the things needed like flowers, cake, invitations, reception, gowns, entourage outfit, list of sponsors, pictures, videos, cars and place of honeymoon. Well the last one may be the medicine for all the stress of the occasion as that would be their relaxing and bonding moments.


Inquisitive Little Boy

My little boy is getting very inquisitive these days with every little thing that enters his mind. He always has those questions that will knock you off your chair and he’s so persistent on getting the answers. He just saw the ncstar binoculars I have browsed online and asking me if he could have it because he wants to see the flying birds clearly even when they are at a distance. He wants to try everything he sees and when he wants to know something or see what it is he’ll log in to Google and type the keyword to search. Well I saw him typing the planets, universe and his landscape assignments just now. He told me that he can do surfing and assignment research on his own.


Dream Come True

My friend wants to put up her internet business but her capital is not enough to support her dream internet cafe. She’s planning to make it really big because she’s based on a place near school and business area. It’s been her plan for several years now and this year she really wants her plans to push through. She’s now preparing some of her legal documents because she found a way to have additional finances. She needs the documents because she’s applying to an asset based lenders and she would like her needed loan approved. I wish she’ll have her loan as soon as possible for her to start the business next month. I know it would make her very happy to see her internet cafe operating in few weeks’ time.


Cousin's Wedding Preparations

My cousin in the province is getting married and his elder sister visited us to tell the good news of his youngest sibling getting married at last. We talked about how easy it is now to buy the ready-made wedding gowns, groom’s outfit,bridesmaid dresses and all things needed for the whole entourage. The couple originally wanted custom-made gowns to be fit and tailored in the town miles away from them. The elder sister suggested that they can choose among wide variety of wedding gown style and finishes in Manila the same day. 

Not so far from the place they could also round up Ongpin, a well-known place for all kinds  of  jewelry especially wedding rings. I remember getting our wedding rings in the same place and it’s a very nice place for me as you can get them at the wholesale price compared when you buy them on other shops. We were accompanied by my Auntie who was a certified jewelry lady several years back. I suggested some shops there where you could also have your names engraved. My cousin want his brother and soon to be sister-in-law not to be too tired with gowns and rings because there are many choices now compared in the early times when gowns should be custom fitted and everything in slow preparation. We’re now in the modern times and we should take advantage of the good advantages of making your wedding less stressful.


Health Card Helps a Lot

It seems that sickness is in the air as many kids now suffers from various sickness like cough, colds, dengue, skin allergy and many others. When you happen to visit the hospital whether it’s a private or public one you’ll see that there are many patients and you’ll have difficulty in electing the room you want. Anywhere it’s more bearable if you have fund for the sick loved one. It’s cheaper to be sick when you have a health card or something like the Medicare plan which will shoulder hospital expenses and make your burden easier. I’m glad that on my three caesarean operations I was able to get all the benefits of having my own health card. It relieved us the tension of paying high hospital bills especially that my birth deliveries are always caesarean births.


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