Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Keeping a Professional Image

Sometimes it can be easy to forget how much appearance matters to people who are meeting you. Presentation is particularly important in a professional setting. People often judge your skills and abilities based on how well you present yourself. Maintaining a clean appearance is essential. There are several ways to keep a professional appearance. 

Be Prepared
When you leave your home, be prepared for accidents or spills that may occur throughout the day. Carrying a small package of tissues or a pen that removes stains can help you if you spill your coffee or have a mishap. A lint roller can help you remove stray hairs and lint from your sweater. Take a minute to rub a lint roller across the back of your sweater or coat before you leave for the day. This will prevent people from getting an impression that you are untidy or disorganized. 

Dress Appropriately
Be sure to carefully choose your clothes for each occasion. If you are working in a business setting, then adding a blazer to a shirt can enhance your appearance. Be mindful of clothes that have faded or no longer look their best.

If you are in a medical setting, then make sure your scrubs are clean. Patients will be more confident in healthcare professionals who have a clean appearance. Having appropriate attire in a medical setting also offers protection from hazards you may encounter during your time at work. Some wardrobe options, such as dickies lab coats, offer long sleeves that can prevent exposure to lab samples and other substances. 

Choosing Accessories
Choosing pieces to accessorize your outfit is also an important part of your image. The people who work with you can probably provide you with guidance on what types of accessories are appropriate. For example, you may want to choose more subtle pieces that do not detract from your professionalism.

While your experience and skills are integral parts of your abilities to do your job, appearance will always be an important factor. Remember to show confidence when meeting new people, and to control your facial expressions throughout meetings. With a professional appearance and pleasant mannerisms, the ladder of success will be easier to climb.


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