Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looking Forward to Another Year

Few days more and it’s gonna be another year for us all which makes me oh so positively excited of what the coming year will be. Of course it’s always nice to hope for something better, something new and some surprises. With that in thought I’m thinking of giving new year gifts to my loved ones like sterling silver cuff to husband, some little gifts for my kids, sister and Mom. 

I’m always positive that a new year brings hope and good tidings and I’m going to make this year worth my while, give my family with quality time, spend more in vacation and devote more time in our church activities. This year will change my daughter’s life too as she’s going to step another ladder in her life. She’ll graduate from secondary school and will enter college life in June. She’ll enter another milestone and another step to reaching her dreams…that of being an Interior Designer in the future.


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