Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fashionable Medical Scrubs

I have something new in my life and it’s not an object but a new job that’s keeping me busy these days. I’m not leaving my online writing jobs because this new work is only a part-time commitment. I still don’t know if I’m going to decide to continue it on a full-time schedule. I’ll cross the bridge when I get there and that would be when the school starts again. As of now I’m enjoying my work and at the same time so happy to do it with a friend. She’s a former officemate I’ve worked closely with and grown so fond of during those days. Anyway she mentioned that she’s having a small business out of selling set of scrubs for women and I easily understood what she meant by that because I’m so familiar with scrubs I saw online.

On my way to office I saw the scrubs worn by medical staff on the nearest hospital in the area. I was attracted by the colors and styles I saw because I was used to seeing white uniforms in the past years. Now working in the medical field is more fashionable as they get to wear stylish scrubs, uniform lab coats  and many other accessories. For the patients it’s more relaxing to see some colors in the hospital as compared to seeing white walls and white clad staff on the hallway. It’s more comfortable to look at.

Now when you want quality wholesale hospital scrubs you can get it at Blue Sky Scrubs which offer medical scrubs, lab coats, scrub hats, accessories and a lot more in stylish design. The styles are flattering and more chic with the quality of fabric that suits daily wear. I love the scrubs in different colors of ceil blue, navy blue, royal blue, lilac and other colors. They have scrubs for women, men and also for kids if they also want to wear them as costumes. Having them as medical uniforms will give the staff a professional chic look while being comfortable at the same time.



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