Monday, December 16, 2013

Faster Work with Some Innovations

When I was in my first job in Semiconductor Company I was assigned in header assembly and I really enjoyed my job considering that my course is related to computer hardware. Header assembly is part of joining the components for transformer and I learned a lot about the real world of hardware besides the theory that I had in college. 

We used high technology materials in assembly and I was awed with their Loctite components which locked the standup to the PCB just like high heat epoxy which they used as good potting materials. I wonder how they do assemblies now that innovations have reached up a higher level in technology. I reckon they can do it faster than we used to do it considering we’re really fast way back then. Technology has doubled up men’s capabilities in doing things and it also lessen workforce as well.


Shopping Tidbits for the Family

We’ve done with our shopping for our fellowship vacation needs in Baguio except for some tidbits. I’ve only bought clothes for the kids because I didn’t want to shop when I’m bigger than I was. I will shop for new clothes when I’m done with shedding some pounds and that will be on summer…maybe. Anyway there are some school essentials that need to be included also like gifts for the classmates and friends of my kids.

I also included little gifts for the patient teachers who guided my kids throughout their learning period. While shopping I saw some ultimate looks wigs that can be used for parties with costume. Even though it’s my birth month and it will fall 4 days before Christmas I really don’t mind skipping shopping because I need to save my funds for our forthcoming vacation. I know it will be all worth all my frugal ways.


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