Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fulfilling Sunday

My hands still feels slightly numb since Saturday night and I find it a little hard typing on my PC so I just finished what’s due and did some blog hopping before I rest. I had a nice and fulfilling day at the church with my church mates and every Sunday is a bonding time for my family as it’s the day that we’re all together going to church, having our lunch in our favorite fast food and just letting the day pass with no worries at all. We spend our Sundays in the church from morning up to evening with lunch breaks in between and we’re happy with the setup devoting the whole Sunday in fellowship service. We still have no car so we just hire cabs in going to church.


Excited Over HK Trip

My friend Jen will visit and tour around Hongkong with siblings Joy and Beng who will be coming from Australia and Middle East. They will meet there and together they will visit Hongkong Disneyland and some beautiful places there especially the shopping stores there. Well she really loves shopping and I know she’ll be happy to roam around Hongkong with her sisters.

The day will actually fall exactly on my birthday so I’ll be missing her morning greetings and our dinner together. It’s either we have it earlier or wait until she arrives but I think by the time she’ll be here I’ll be in our camp meeting fellowship in Indang Cavite. We have a really tight schedule on the coming holidays and I forgot to ask her if she has an annual travel insurance ready for her travel. She was so excited by her visit which she booked very early last March that she forgot about the insurance. Excitement really makes someone forget about important documents sometimes...


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