Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friendship and Precious Jewels

My friends and I were talking of our work and businesses for the last couple of years and we didn’t notice that the hours passed by quickly. We called it a night after we observed that we’re the only group left in the pizza restaurant. It’s really hard to reminisce the old times in just one night and we promised to do it more often. We’re inseparable for 5 long years and we wouldn’t let those good friendships slipped away because of our busy life. 

Friends come and go but those true friends we came to know and been with should be treasured. They’re like precious jewels and gold coins that we collect through the years for our hobby and investment. They’re almost the same as when the gold yields a high returns for our capital it’s just the same for friendship because they will also give you a high return of love and care in the end. Pretty comparison huh!


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