Saturday, July 25, 2009

: Photohunt 171 : Utensils

I've no doubt some will ask why I've chosen this one for my entry as it looks so old. I've chosen this because this old mortar and pestle lying in our kitchen storage room has some sentimental value for me. This very old kitchen utensil which we've used for so many years before we finally stored it was a 'pasalubong' from my father (deceased) from one of his official business trips in Romblon. When he told me that he's going to Romblon he asked me what I want when he comes back. I said anything that will remind me of Romblon.

After two days he arrived with this marble mortar and pestle and surprised me with an egg that at first glance you'll mistake for the real one. I asked him is that their best in their region? an egg? Then he let me handle the object and I was surprised of the weight, it's a marble egg hahaha! I kept both of his gifts for remembrance so I'm sharing a picture of the marble utensils my dad has brought me 31 years ago, yes that long! I was ten years old then! Now you know the value of marble utensils lol!

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Stylish Bathroom Faucets

As I have plenty of time now to attend to my kids and some household things I’ll have some renovation of our bathroom at the end of this month. I’ve been saving some funds for this and I think my savings is enough for my intended bathroom renovation.

As of this week I started canvassing prices for tiles, bowls, bathroom faucet and some other things for bathroom. I want some style this time so I browsed online to see beautiful products and stylish designs. It makes me want for more budget as I know those designs that I’ve seen will cost me more. Anyway I’ll check again my financial allocation for my renovation project.


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