Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly Returning to Normal Life

After 5 days of frightening floods caused by storm Ondoy we were now slowly returning to normal life, slowly because electricity has just returned to our area and we still have plenty of cleaning and washing up. Mentally some people I happened to talk to were slowly accepting the fate that dawned on them, others with only few properties left, some with nothing left at all and will start anew. I know God will help us recover again from the losses caused by the storm. I pray for those people who lost their families during the storm. God will help them find in their heart the acceptance of the loss of their loved ones.


The Sudden Flood That Hit Our Town

Electricity has just resumed today so it's only now that I've uploaded my shots of the storm that caused big floods all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces. I was left in the house with 3 kids and my 77-year old Mom. My sister and husband went to work and on the sudden flood that rise up suddenly within an hour I told them not to go home as it's not safe on the road anymore.

Our place never experienced a flood like this one as far as I can remember since I was born. Luckily with the help of my brother who rushed to our house in the morning and my neighbour we were able to secure our appliances to a higher level. All important documents and clothes in our first floor room were transferred to upper floor. I stopped rescuing things when the water is up to my neck. When I finally stopped at the upper floor I had the chance to take some shots of the flood which was amazingly risen up so fast our steel gate and car was submerged.
The shots below were taken on the second day when the waters were slowly subsiding:

Early rounding up of Media
Rescue operations by boat and trucks
Stranded people walked through flood to finally get back to their homesSari-store opened and the people rushed to buy food, drinks and candles


A Vacation that Feels Like Home

I’m back once again, actually I can’t believe that I’ve already finished setting up my desktop PC after what happened in our place and Metro Manila. The storm that hit the country has almost ruined many businesses with the flood waters rising up so sudden. Until now I can clearly remembered how I watched the waters coming into our house so fast that after half an hour it reached up to a knee-high length and in mid-afternoon our place was in complete chaos of brown flood waters and soaked appliances. We never expected this situation as it only happened now ever since I lived in our town since birth.

Well after several days of reviving what’s left for us, cleaning endless dirt left by the flood it makes me yearn for a real vacation like what my SIL was telling me who is living in England. She said it’s better to rent holiday cottages where you’ll feel like you’re not away from home. It’s better and cheaper than renting hotels so your family can extend their budget on some other things. It’s good for people like me who enjoy a more private place, I also browse online some cornwall cottages which are really good like St. Ives property where you’ll have a private view of the beach by the terrace, a breathtaking sight in the morning and even more on sunset.

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