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Elegant Wooden Bathroom

Source: via Race on Pinterest

With all the latest trends in bathroom designs showcasing modern baths and fixtures it's surprising to see this kind of bathroom shown above.  Seeing all these bathroom furniture and fixtures made of sturdy wood materials made me remember all those stories of my grandmother about the past generation's furniture.  Actually this one is so elegant in wooden form and I wouldn't be surprised if this was taken from a beautiful old house or perhaps a hotel.   

The wood used here is undoubtedly from a high quality wood with elegant hues and textures.  Well I love this idea except that I'm not sure if it's laminated enough to endure water seeping the wood bath tub.  Anyway with the modern technology in home designs it's now possible for wood to use in water environment without rotting.  Nice home idea.


Good Flooring Source for Your Home

Thinking of transforming a room or perhaps your home? Well it’s easy but you’ll have to start with the basics of home which are the walls, ceiling and the flooring. When doing a replacement of your flooring you have to take things in consideration because not everything you want to put in a room can be accommodated perfectly. All the things in your house should be in harmony with the rest of your appliances, home decors and accessories. Coordination includes matching colors, type of furniture and the style you want your house to be. My brother taught me a lot on these things with the showing of all his finished residential projects in which he served both as engineer and designer as well. 

Interior designer of residential homes seem to be easy at first but when you get serious about it you will realize that you should first start with your unique theme before you even start having designs and decors. When choosing the right flooring you should consider what matches your lifestyle and specific requirements before buying because it might not be appropriate for your way of living. If you like traditional and elegant flooring you should choose the old-time favorite tile flooring. If you want durability of flooring because you have a great deal of traffic in the house you should choose vinyl tiles because it can see you through long years of usage. 

There are other flooring options like laminate, hardwood, carpet and commercial flooring that you can choose from but you must first look for a supplier that you can consult for ideas. Brewer Carpet One is your flooring source in Enid and they offer high quality products for your flooring needs with wide variety of choices for your specific needs. They have professional staff which will be able to help you in coming up with the best flooring for your homes at the lowest rate in the market. Best of all they have Beautiful Guarantee™ that allows them to replace the floors you’ve chosen if you’re not satisfied with the flooring after the installation. This guarantees that you’ll have the best flooring in town.


Solutions for Typical Plumbing Problems at Home

Plumbing systems have been used for thousands of years to provide drinking water and remove water-borne wastes from buildings. In fact, "plumber" is derived from the latin word "plumbum," meaning lead. Beginning with the Romans, lead was the material of choice for plumbing pipes because it was soft and easy to fabricate. Some older cities, such as Boston, still have much lead plumbing. So residents with lead plumbing are advised to let water flow briefly to dispel any lead that has leached into the water. 

New plumbing installations use copper or various kinds of plastic piping. 

Clogged drains are perhaps the most common plumbing problem. Clogged toilets can be caused by the buildup of calcium deposits inside the toilet bowl. Quite often a child has flushed a toy or other object down the toilet, which is restricting the flow. If the clog cannot be relieved with a rubber toilet plunger, a plumber may need to be called. 

Bathtub and lavatory drains are clogged by foreign material, mostly human hair. Hair should be removed from the tub after showering, to keep it from entering the drain. If drains are still clogged after removing the foreign material, a plunger can also be tried. If there is an overflow hole, it must be tightly covered with a wet cloth. This is necessary for the air pressure to be applied to the drain line, instead of coming out the hole. 

Kitchen sink drains are usually plugged by food particles. Discretion should be exercised in using a garbage disposal. Tough and fibrous food like corn husks and onion skins should not be run through the disposal. Large amounts of potato peelings can also cause problems by forming a thick slurry. 

Basement floor drains tend to accumulate floor residue and are susceptible to plugging. They should be kept clean to prevent basement flooding from a leak. 

Faucet drips can be terribly annoying, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. This is in addition to the wasting of water. The kitchen sink faucet spout may leak at the base and run over the countertop. Leaks around the faucet stems can do the same. If the sink stoppers are inadvertently left in place overnight, a faucet drip can flood the kitchen floor by morning. The kitchen sink does not have an emergency overflow. 

Many carpets and ceilings have been ruined by rupture of a flexible water hose to the dishwasher or laundry machine. This possibility can be virtually prevented by installation of new heavy-duty hoses. 

Water heaters are usually neglected until there is no hot water. If the heater is gas-operated, the problem may be as simple as an unlit pilot light. An electric heater may have a tripped circuit breaker, or one or two heating elements burned out. If relighting the pilot light or resetting the breaker does not fix the problem, most people need to call the plumber. 

The heater may have developed a leak, which extinguished the pilot light. A leak also means the basement could be flooded, if the leak suddenly worsens. 

A tapping noise or vibration, which is heard when the hot water is running, may be water hammer. It is caused when long runs of pipes are not fastened securely. A rumbling sound in the water heater may indicate the bottom electric heating element is covered by a sludge deposit in the bottom of the tank. 

If the homeowner cannot correct the problem with common-sense solutions, it is time to call a reputable Houston plumber.

Every homeowner should develop a working relationship with a reliable plumber, one who will give 24/7 emergency service. Plumbing emergencies seem to happen at night or on the weekend. Few things paralyze a busy household like a plumbing emergency.


Home Storage Ideas

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Have you ever find yourself losing ideas on where to put your kids' toys and stuff? It's always been my problem because I have three kids and you wouldn't imagine the bulk of their toys, accessories and school things. In fact I was thinking if their things would fill up their rooms and there will be no space for them there lol. 

Anyway if you're in the same dilemma as I am you could use some of creative ideas on the picture above using those pretty home made baskets.  The baskets serve as hanging decors and storage for stuff toys and accessories as well.  It looks beautiful yet very functional. Will try doing it also.


How to Buy the Best Pool Table

When you’re in the market for a pool table, there are few things you should know before you choose the one you’ll add to your game room. This way you’ll choose the right one that will provide you many years of enjoyment.


The Size

Your pool table must fit comfortably in your game room. If you have a large room, consider purchasing the biggest pool table of 9 feet. If you have a medium size room, choose the 7 or 8 foot pool table.

You’ll need space around the pool table to use your cue sticks. You’ll need at least six feet between the table and the wall to be comfortable while shooting.


Quality Over Price

Many people will jump to buy the cheapest pool table available. This isn’t always the best choice because inexpensive tables often end up being the ones that don’t last. If you want to purchase a pool table that will give you many hours of playtime, choose a quality one for a good price.


Warranty Options

When you buy a pool table, make sure they come with a warranty. It’s also a good idea to ensure the company you’re purchasing from has been in business for a while. That way it will be less likely for it to shut down soon after you buy your pool table, and you’re left with no support if a repair is needed.


Leveling Service

You can’t play a fair game of pool without a leveled pool table. For this reason, you need to ask the company you purchase the pool table from if they offer leveling service. They can come to your home with a caliber especially designed to test pool tables. They will make sure it’s even, so you can play better than you have ever played.


What Will You Purchase for Accessories? 


When people buy pool tables in Rochester, they need the following accessories:

·         Cues
·         Cue chalk
·         Cue rack
·         Balls
·         Wooden rack
·         Table brush

Once you have all of these items, you’ll be ready to play pool in the comfort of your home. Invite some family and friends over and have a tournament. These times make the memories you’ll remember for a lifetime. Enjoy your new pool table!


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