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How to Work from Home if You Have a Rambunctious Toddler

Working from home is a nice change of pace from the ins and outs of a noisy, stressful office. However, that all changes when you have kids—especially when those kids become rambunctious, into-everything toddlers. So, can you still work from home AND watch a wild-and-crazy kiddo at the same time? You bet—and here’s how.

Be Realistic in Your Schedules and Routines

Most moms and dads schedule their at-home jobs around their toddler’s sleep schedules. A few hours at night, an hour at naptime—you get the idea. However, be realistic in setting these routines. Some days, your toddler might not want a nap. Or, they might be sick and not go to sleep till well after 3am. And all of those unexpected things are okay, but prepare for them. Don’t push yourself too hard, because toddlers can derail your work ethic at moments when you least expect it. Be flexible to changes.

Designate a Kid-Free Office Area in Your Home

Ask your partner to watch your kiddos for an hour or two, then head to your office. Make this a kid-free zone—unless there’s an emergency. When mom or dad is in the office, they are working and shouldn’t be disturbed. If you instill this in your youngster from early on, they will comprehend and understand the rules of your at-home work later in their childhood.

Use Your Work Times Wisely

Instead of playing a game, checking your social media accounts, or mindlessly shopping for whatever strikes your fancy, use your work time to actually work. If your schedule or routine falls into place, you should take the opportunity. Use your work time wisely to get things done. And, if you have extra time, work ahead so there will be less to do next time. It’s a win-win. You could even opt for rollaway bed rentals for your office, where your kiddo can nap while you toil away at your desk.

Enlist the Help of Others

When you absolutely MUST work to pay bills and making a living from home, you might need to ask for help or hire a babysitter for an hour or two. Just retire to your office for a while, and leave the helper with your kiddo. You’ll still be home, still be available, but still be able to get your work done and turned in on time.

Working from home, especially when you have a family, is a daunting task—but it can be done. As long as you remember to be flexible, roll with the proverbial punches, and ask for help when you need it, you are golden as an awesome full-time parent that just happens to be a hardcore at-home worker too.


New York Arts, Culture and Shows

Air France Presents Django Reinhardt NY Festival

New York, “the Big Apple,” is without question one of the most exciting cities in the world. New York has long been a major center for the arts and for American and global culture, which is why so many people come to visit this city on a regular basis. There are so many exciting things to see and do here, it’s impossible to take in all in in just one visit. From the fine dining to the museums to the big shows, New York is really a city like no other, anywhere.

Arts and Culture

The major museums in New York are incredibly exciting. They include the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the Guggenheim and The Whitney. There are also countless galleries to be seen in New York, both uptown and downtown in Soho and the Village and Tribeca. New York can be toured by riding the subways, Uber and also by walking. It’s one of the great walking cities in the world, and there are so many great restaurants here, they can be enjoyed while seeing the city on foot.

Taking in the Shows

New York, with its Broadway and downtown, off-Broadway shows and ny cabaret scene, is a great city for seeing live entertainment, onstage. Of course the Broadway scene here is legendary, with many great stars appearing on any number of incredible theaters here on any given night. The cabaret scene is a very exciting alternative to Broadway, too, as these shows are generally performed in smaller cafes that allow patrons to see great singers and comedians up close, while also enjoying food and drink. Some cabaret shows also go on to become major Broadway shows, so taking in a cabaret show here may give you a preview of a great show before it takes off in a big way.

There’s no doubt that a visit to New York city will give you one of the most exciting trips you could ever experience. While it’s wise to plan and get tickets in advance, it’s also great to leave some time open so you can be spontaneous if you some great attractions that capture your fancy while you are visiting the city.

So, if you are in the mood for lots of art and entertainment, start planning a trip to New York soon!


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