Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Remembering Josh on His First Grade

Josh is graduating from primary and I keep on remembering how he started his first grade. He was so na├»ve and very excited in entering a big school thinking that he could do everything he dreamed of in his new stage of life. From his first flag ceremony up to ending of classes in the afternoon he always finds some joy in every activity he joins. He’s such a happy schooler and very competitive too as he tops the class that makes him qualifies to join the cream section which was not given to him when I first enrolled him because he was only a transfer student. They only get students from their preparatory class to join the cream section in first grade. 

Well it’s easy for Josh to elevate himself when he wants to like when he told me that he wants to learn how to play drum set in the 2nd grade in one summer workshop. He also enrolled in keyboard class when he was in 4th grade and continued his instrument playing up to now. It runs in the blood as they say because my grandpa used to play alpha and guitar in the past. Flair for music is even fun now because you can check online for the things you want like www.musiciansfriend.com/fender-jazzmaster or any other accessories for your instruments. This is one thing that I like about modern technology.


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