Friday, June 24, 2016

Learning How to Paint

Last summer vacation of my kids they were looking for something to do during their break from school. They were actually choosing from their most loved hobbies like music, art and playing board games. They love playing musical instruments and they practiced on some of their favorite Christian music pieces. They played guitar and keyboards and were contented on using their free time strumming and playing.

Well aside from music they also love art and were gifted with some art skills, thanks to my father’s genes. They inherited from my Mom’s father the gift in music and art skills from my Dad’s family. Call it luck. Anyway my youngest is the most interested in arts and he can spend the day doing lettering and sketching anime and some other images. He was a member of the Art Club in his 6 years in Grade School and he really had his heart on it. He loves it dearly.

Now that he’s on his secondary education he’s starting to start on a higher level on art and is thinking of pursuing it by joining a High School Art Club in his new school. He’s talking about learning how to paint in the next few months and asking me to start buying him art supplies for his new project. I’m now canvassing some paint materials including an art easel which is very essential when he start painting. I still have time to save for the expensive accessories and materials for his new painting project hobby and when I finally have the resources we will definitely start it. He’s now looking forward to start painting his creative ideas and images just like my cousins who were gifted with such great hands on painting.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back to Early Morning Mom Duties

It’s back to school and I’m back to my regular early hours of cooking and preparing early breakfast and packed lunch for my 3 kids. Well my 2 daughters are not kids anymore, they’re already teens but I’m used to calling them kids. I woke up at 3am, cook for them, prepare their packed lunch and see them as they board the bus to go to their school in Manila. I accompany my youngest boy to his school and from there I go to my work leaving my husband to clean up before going to his own school to teach there. 

It was a very fast routine Mommy job but I love it. I love seeing my kids enjoy the food I cook, I love seeing them go their way to their universities and I love sending my growing up son up to the gate of his new high school. It’s like loving the way we spend our weekend together with cracking jokes, enjoying meals together and singing our favorite Christian songs. I also like hearing what they play with their musical instruments and when they sing some songs. I was actually thinking that it would be great if we have amplivox in the house but I know it’s usually used on events and occasions. Nevertheless I would love buying this kind of portable sound system in the next few years so we can use it at home and in our church as well.


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