Monday, December 3, 2012

The Development of LED Grow Lights

As early as the year 1927,LED grow lights were already discovered. But during those years, their amazing features and benefits were not yet known by then. It was only after many decades that, after studies, experts have developed the wonders of LED grow lights similar to what are being used for indoor gardening these days. It was in 1972 that the first LED was made and it was in the red color. Ten years later, LED became 10x more effective than it was when it was first discovered. These gave birth to more studies and even more detection of how effective LEDs are than other lighting products before. 

The advancements in LED grow lights have been so dramatic that a trend known as the Haitz’s Law was coined. This stood for the outstanding LED output development of doubling every 36 months until to this present time. Indoor gardening has improved simultaneously with LED grow lights and more equipment like the grow tents for sale widely in different stores have undergone enhancement, too. 

Since refinements of indoor gardening tools like the LED grow light became a phenomenon, a lot of companies have produced products with lightings using LED by year 2010. Almost every product became cheaper when new innovations came out which affected other merchandises, too. There were then cheap LED bulbs, cheap light reflectors and cheap grow tents.  

LED grow light that uses LEDs became a huge hit in the business world due to its worldwide use for many company products. Unfortunately, not all are true to their advertisements. Sadly, Some companies lied of using LED to encourage consumers that their products are infused with the great benefits of LED.


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