Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Massive Traffic for Your Site

Every blogger wants their sites to be reached and found by readers. It’s a good help to get traffic so if you don’t have enough readers and visitors you’ll be writing without readers to view your post. There are many ways in order to get traffic getting to your site but sometimes it’s too expensive for affordability. Good thing there is free directory submission where you can use free SEO tool to submit your site to web directories free of charge. This is a good way to and a great chance to get your site indexed and eventually is found and searched by many internet users.

Oh I love to have massive traffic to my sites so I’ll be able to share what I’ve written in my blog. I love sharing my experiences in life and some inspirational thoughts but what’s the use of writing post if no one will read it? Well I’m thinking of submitting my sites to these free web directories now.


Some Observations

This month has a lot of disastrous things that happened around the globe and here people are busy with the coming elections. Just puzzled why every election brings about massive brownouts and in the past years there are weird stories of kidnapping of children and stories that seem to frighten people to go out in the evening. I find these repeated occurrences every election and sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s true or not. I’m not the type to believe all stories that I heard but I’m just taking these all as part of the old tradition of Filipinos be it in community or in the whole country. Hope it will be peaceful on May.


Easily Got Tired from Walking

When I look in the mirror this morning I was convinced that I really need to think about proper meal and exercise. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind to lose weight fast because I really need it. I’m not surprised why for the past few days I easily got tired when I walk two kilometers.

I’m very strong when it comes to walking and running even if I gained weight but just a week ago I felt tired after walking some kilometers. I’m not that conscious to get as slim as when I’m still younger but when it’s a question of being healthy I want to lose excessive pounds. I don’t want to acquire sickness due to my weight so I’ll be starting now before it’s too late.


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