Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Healthier as You Grow Older

I feel great about my health now that it’s almost a month since I started taking care of my diet again. I feel so different with my set of meals intended to lower my cholesterol and in time lose some excess pounds. It’s not only meant to make me slimmer but to make me healthy and fit as well. With the help of my exercise and workout regimen I think I would not be able to use weight loss pills for now.

I know that it would take me several months to achieve my goal but I’m happy that I have started it and made it my habit already. I’m not getting any younger but I can get myself healthier by thinking of ways on how to practice eating the right food, getting enough exercise and completing needed rest and sleep. I know that if I will do all these things I will not age faster and I will enjoy my kids more.


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