Monday, December 14, 2015

Safe Packaging and Handling

Dangerous goods such as medical and environmental products must be shipped on a daily basis in the United States and abroad. Businesses rely on packaging companies to get the job done safely. When dangerous goods are mishandled or placed in poor quality packaging, serious consequences can occur. Some packages contain material that could even adversely affect the health of someone who comes in contact with them unknowingly. As such, the medical and environmental industries place enormous trust and good faith in packaging companies who work with dangerous goods packaging

Safety first

The strength and reliability of packages is the beginning of safe handling of all dangerous goods shipping. It's for this reason that well-known and respected companies like TEN-E have rigid testing for every type of package they use to ship these volatile items. It's not a simple matter of putting material in an envelope and mailing it. They tirelessly test packaging to ensure that it's the highest grade available of its kind. Not only do they test packages to make sure they meet minimum standards, but they set a higher bar for packaging and shipping dangerous goods. They do this through rigorous testing.

Types of testing

Industry leaders in dangerous goods shipping use a variety of tests to ensure that materials in those packages are safe from leakage. Through a series of tests to check for stress crack resistance, shelf-life, and conditioning measures, packaging leaders lead the way to make sure that each specific shipment is above and beyond safe for its respective industry, whether medical or environmental goods.

There are regulatory standards that must first be met before anything else. This is the bare minimum for any kind of dangerous goods shipping. Once those are met, superior companies have their own personal safety standards that must be met before any kind of packaging is used for shipping dangerous goods. These companies collaborate with their clients to make sure that all standards are met across the board. Once this is done, they get down to the business at hand, which is a fast, safe shipping experience of some of the most dangerous but important materials in the world. Some of this might include chemicals used for medical testing, environmental chemicals, or scientific chemicals used in research. With good packaging, it's possible to safely and efficiently ship even the most dangerous of goods. As always, safety comes first.


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