Friday, October 3, 2014

Top 4 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

When building a new house or renovating an older one, most people take plenty of time to choose the perfect indoor lights to accentuate their spaces, fit their personalities and match the style of the home. However, outdoor spaces are often not given the same degree of concern. What many do not realize is that adding thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting can be extremely advantageous for homeowners. Here are four primary benefits.

First, landscaping lights can greatly improve the appearance of a home, accentuating the positive features. This type of lighting is often used to highlight the home's architectural features as well as ornamental trees, bushes and flowers. It can make the home's curb appeal just as pleasing at night as during the day and can ensure that house numbers are seen by visitors and emergency personnel.

Second, outdoor lighting that is placed near patios, decks and fire pits will ensure that these areas can be used by the family even after dusk. Homeowners can consider having deck lights attached to posts, stringing lights from trees or placing tall lights on poles surrounding a patio. With proper mood lighting, pools and outdoor hot tubs can even be used after the sun sets.

Third, outdoor lighting can be a safety feature for homeowners. Having lights scattered throughout the landscaping gives intruders fewer places to hide. One of the best options for safety lighting is around key doors into the home or garage, which will dissuade burglars from entering the premises. Some homeowners even use motion-sensor floodlights on driveways.

Finally, another aspect of home safety should be considered with outdoor lights. Not only can lights keep intruders away, but they can also prevent dangerous falls on the property. They are especially important for tricky stairs and bumpy garden paths. Low lights can be placed along pathways for guidance, and small lights can be placed around trees to prevent individuals from tripping on the roots.

Outdoor lighting does more than just beautify a property. It can add structure, provide safety, illuminate architectural or historical details and add a measure of home security. Outdoor lighting that fits in with the mood and style of the home can do much to boost curb appeal and welcome guests in a friendly manner. Homeowners should be sure to find a company that has years of experience and knowledgeable professionals when looking for an installation service.


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