Thursday, March 25, 2010

A More Secured Place

Times now are different from the past as there are plenty of bad elements roaming around the town not only in the night but on daytime as well. Thus owning or installing wireless security systems is becoming a necessity than a luxury. We’re living along the national road and it’s not uncommon for us to have beggars, solicitors and other people asking alms in our front gate.

What’s frightening is that some of them disguise for a beggar then when you turn around they will sneak in and get some valuables. We still have many things stored outside the house and that’s their target. Our car which was shelved temporarily was the hottest item in the garage and some strangers posed as buyers. Now I’m wiser and I don’t entertain buyers anymore unless I figured out that they’re real. I’m just glad that I’m working at home now and I can look upon the house, my kids and my Mom at daytime. I’m thinking about having those home security cameras.


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