Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Should I Choose Light or Dark Tiling for My Bathroom?

Some bathrooms are suited to a mixture of furniture, perhaps on a theme or chosen to complement existing pieces such as a period bathtub. However, a fitted bathroom is a great way to introduce consistency of style and a sense of continuity into a bathroom if you want to bring everything together. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles, from traditional to contemporary and choose pieces that will complement your existing d├ęcor or inspire a new colour scheme.

When you choose fitted bathroom furniture, it's easy to ensure that you are really making the most of whatever space you have, which is particularly important in a small bathroom where maximizing storage is a crucial consideration. You can select units to meet specific storage needs, so if your bathroom is home to something bulky or unsightly which you would love to be able to store out of the way, you can choose a fitted unit that will accommodate even the most unwieldy items. This means you no longer have to fight to keep your bathroom looking clear and clutter free. You can also choose units that allow for every nook and cranny to be utilized, so no more awkward gaps or unused spaces with things crammed in any which way, just perfectly coordinated furniture that fits perfectly.

A fitted bathroom is also a really easy way to furnish your whole bathroom in one go; no having to keep your eye open everywhere you go for that perfect chest of drawers to fit in an unused space or spending ages online comparing colours on the screen to see if everything will match. Simply take the relevant measurements, decide on the style and layout and your bathroom will come together before you know it, so your bathroom redesign doesn't drag on for months whilst you try to track down an elusive item. Many stores offer such a wide range of bathroom products that you can get everything in one place, such as Better Bathrooms furniture which can be accessorized with a number of complementary items that you can pick at the same time to be sure they look great together.
A fitted bathroom is also a good idea if you have a non-standard shaped room; an L-shaped bathroom could mean a lot of wasted space or awkward angles if you try to fit in separate items, but a fitted bathroom can incorporate a number of space-saving and storage solutions to ensure that you make the most of the room you have. When it comes to an otherwise empty alcove, an odd sized space between WC and basin or just a hot water tank, everything can be incorporated seamlessly when you have a fitted bathroom and you will benefit from extra space to store everything.

Jackie Cannon is an experienced handy woman and interior designer who has fitted hundreds of bathrooms in her career. She is always looking for ways to create designs which are practical and aesthetically pleasing and often recommends Better Bathrooms furniture to her clients.


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