Monday, April 22, 2013

Gen's Recognition Day

Took my leave from office to attend my daughter's recognition day.  Last year she got the Best in Music award and since she got very good grades she was transferred to cream section together with 2 of her classmates.  She was actually telling me at the start of the school year that she's not that sure to get into the top 5 because all of her classmates are as good as her.  

I told her that when everyone has the knowledge and capabilities it's perseverance that will take you to have the top position.  And even if she will not make it to the top 5 I'll still be proud of her. Now after 10 months of trying to give her best on all school activities, programs and examinations she did it again and got the top 5 honor and Best in TLE award.  This girl who dreamt of collecting medals since she was 3 years old added 2 again on her collection.  Of course we're proud of her but with or without medals we'll still be proud and happy for her because she did her best.


4 Cake Ideas For Your Child's Next Birthday

The most important part of any child's birthday is the cake. Depending on the theme, there are many creative ideas, from ice cream cakes to themed cakes, which will make the event special and memorable. Here is a look at four cake ideas that will make any child happy.


Castle Cake

A castle cake is perfect for a young girl's princess party. It is an extremely easy cake to make with only a few ingredients. The cake begins as a traditional double layer square. A person can use an 8 X 8 inch pan. The exterior of the cake is frosted with any icing flavor. The top of the cake is decorated with a few upside down ice cream cones. These cones can be dipped in melted chocolate or frosted with icing and rolled in sprinkles. Various candy pieces can be used to make the cake appear like a building with windows and a door. A drawbridge can be made with a graham cracker.


Basketball Cake For The Sport's Enthusiast

Most little boys love sports. This birthday cake will be perfect for any child who loves to play ball. The best part is that this cake can be decorated for any sport that uses a round ball. A person can take a round, oven safe bowl and bake a normal cake inside. Two of these cakes can be joined to form a giant ball. The end result can be decorated like a soccer ball, tennis ball, basketball, or baseball. It may take some imagination, but the cake will make a great centrepiece.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

When a child's birthday falls in the summer, a great theme would be an ice cream party. Instead of opting for one large birthday cake, some children prefer the idea of individual servings. A fun idea is to make ice cream cone cupcakes. Most children will love eating cake from a cone and not a pate. These items are simple to make and can be personalized for every child.

A person prepares a boxed mix and lines a muffin tin with ice cream cones. Each cone is filled two-thirds full. The tin is carefully carried to the oven and baked as directed. When finished, the cupcakes are removed until fully cooled. The tops are frosted. Each child can decorate his or her own cupcake with sprinkles or other candy pieces.


Building Block Cake

This is a great idea for any child who loves to play with Lego blocks. A person bakes a normal rectangular cake and cools it until it can be removed from the pan. The cake is cut into small squares and rectangles. Each piece is iced with a different color and topped with M&M's of the same color. This makes each piece look like a Lego block. When finished, the cake is reassembled like a puzzle back into a rectangle and served. Each child can enjoy an individual block.

Getting creative for a child's birthday can be fun. For a memorable party, it is always wise to make a unique cake. The above ideas are just a few ways to make the day special. In the end, the child will appreciate the fact that the cake was made with love.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, bake and write blogs for other stay at home mums or just anyone who is interested in arts and crafts ideas.


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