Monday, February 15, 2010

New Hair Cut

I had my little boy’s hair trimmed down to a very neat cut for his graduation portrait in school. He has his father’s hair so when his hair is long it curls a bit. Well it’s better for him to inherit hubby’s hair because if he’ll get it from my side I’m sure he’ll have problem with thinning hair at the front when he gets old just like my Dad and brother. My Dad had nice and thick hair when he was young but when he reached thirties his hair started to show thinning at the front. If only he found the best hair loss treatments on those days he would have saved his hair from thinning. Losing and thinning hair affects our personality and sometimes it gives us inferiority complex. Anyway my Dad took it lightly and accepted his situation with a good smile. And even if there are remedies available in those days this modern technology got better cure for it.


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