Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Birthday Plans

My friend is planning for her son’s first birthday few months from now and she’s very busy looking for suppliers to attend to her needs. First she’ll get invitations and she’s thinking to get it from Checkerboard since she wants a quality and nice invitations for her son. For other requirements like reception, food, clothes, giveaways and others maybe she’ll just ask for referral so she can arrange everything easily. First birthdays are really tasking but it’s fun and enjoyable as well. Anyway for Moms like me It’s worth it also.


Wrestling Fan

My friend loves to watch wrestling on TV and through his regular viewing of the show he’s intrigued and wondered at how those wrestlers can build heavy muscles easily. He’s actually guessing that they might be using bpi sports a50 or other of its kind because the body built of those players really amazed him. Now he’s starting to dream to have muscles also and enrolled himself in a gym workout hoping that in few months he’ll be somewhat like one of them. Although I find it impossible to believe I just let him do the workout because I know that it will make him fit, strong and even without building many muscles he’ll definitely change for the better.


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