Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fight the Signs of Aging With Vitamin C

Did you know that one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients is also a vitamin you've been consuming for years? It's true! Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, does more than just raise your immune system and help to protect you against the common cold and other viruses. It also helps to protect your skin against all the visible signs of aging, both by stimulating collagen production and by protecting against the damage done by the sun. Add this important vitamin to your diet and skin care regimen today and see results soon.

First of all, add more vitamin C to your diet to get this important nutrient into your body. You can find high levels of vitamin C in all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables. This includes oranges, kiwis, broccoli, onions, and strawberries. Although this is not the most efficient way to get the vitamin to your skin, it also has other positive effects on your body. Vitamin C promotes overall health and wellness as well as helping to prevent the signs of aging. You can expect to see the results of changing your diet in just a week or so.

Next, try adding vitamin C directly to your skin, try adding a vitamin C cream or serum to your facial routine. Look for a cream or serum in a opaque container, because the ingredients will start to decay when they react with light. Put on the vitamin C directly onto your skin, underneath your moisturizer, so it can make contact with your skin cells. This will help you get faster results from your treatment. Vitamin C works to stimulate collagen production, which makes skin softer, smoother, and less wrinkly. It also fights hyperpigmentation, known as age spots, and all other damage done by the sun.

If you'd like even faster results, talk to a skin care professional in your area. Speak to a dermatologist about intensive vitamin C products for your skin. For more serious cases, consider specialists in plastic surgery Raleigh NC like Cary Plastic Surgery who can evaluate your skin care needs. Some individuals, especially those in sunny places like North Carolina, need more help than an over-the-counter products can provide.

Vitamin C is truly a powerful ingredient. Fight the visible signs of aging by using it today. It really works, whether though diet, topical creams, or professional services.


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