Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looking Into Employees’ Benefits

In my previous job I’ve supervised a lot of things. I was assigned as Accounting and Billing Supervisor and due to multi-tasking needs of the company I did the responsibilities of Administrative and Human Resource Officer. I handled big responsibilities that even I can’t believe I can but also learned in the process. It was a small telecommunications company and when our HR Consultant went to Cebu to teach I was tasked to handle the human resource department.

Since I was with the same employer for more than a decade then I simply accepted the job without complaining. I’m the type of person who likes challenges and it’s indeed a challenge to handle accounting and personnel when my college degree is computer engineering. When I looked back at those years I think the most precious are the knowledge I gathered from handling field of work that I didn’t learned in college.

Looking back I can say that since I’m one of the pioneers in my boss’ small telco company I almost started everything there. I was trained by an Accounting Associate and when she resigned I took over and hired two Accounting staff to unload the payroll and payables from me. I can only supervise them as I handle carrier settlements. Though we have accounting staff I’m mainly responsible with the computation of employees’ incentives and checks the monthly reimbursement of transportation and Car Allowance which is really fine with me as we’ve started with few marketing staff only. They’re the one who were given corporate reimbursement privilege as they deal mainly with clients and they don’t stay in the office they‘re always on the go for meeting up prospect clients and demo testing.

But I know if there are plenty of mobile employees who will avail of vehicle reimbursement the company should need the services of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. who will customize reimbursement program for vehicle. They provide easy calculations of reimbursement rates according to current gas price, mileage record and many other factors. It’s a great help to the company as giving car allowances to employees saves them a lot compared to issuing each mobile employees a car to use for their meeting and dealing with clients. It also helps the employees to use their car at no cost to them regarding gasoline expenses. It’s still convenient to use your own car rather than the company’s car.


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